Monday, December 19, 2011

PYONGYANG, Dec 19 (Bernama) -- North Korean state-run KCNA news agency announced Monday the country's leader Kim Jong-il passed away on Saturday at the age of 69.

The leader died of "great mental and physical strain" while in a train during a "field guidance tour on Saturday at 8.30 a.m (2330 GMT Friday)," China's Xinhua news agency cited KCNA news agency.

It is reported that the communist leader suffered from an advanced acute myocardinal infarction, complicated with a serious heart shock on the train.

His funeral will be held Dec 28 and the national mourning period extends until Dec 29, said the news agency.

Kim had received medical treatment for his cardiac and cerebrovascular diseases for a long period, KCNA said.

"Every possible first-aid measures was taken immediately, that failed to save the leader's life. An autopsy conducted on Sunday, which confirmed that he died of his diseases," the report said.

Kim is believed to have suffered a stroke in 2008. The communist country's "Dear Leader" - reputed to have had a taste for cigars, cognac and gourmet cuisine - was believed to have had diabetes and heart disease.

The son of Kim Il Song, the founder of the communist nation, Kim Jong Il had been in power since 1994 when his father died of a heart attack at age 82.

In September 2010, Kim Jong Il unveiled his third son, the twenty-something Kim Jong Un, as his successor, putting him in high-ranking posts.


* Moga hubungan Korea Selatan dan Korea Utara bertambah baik selepas ini walaupun ketua Korea Utara adalah anaknya sendiri.Namun mungkin cara pemikiran yang berlainan.Kita tunggu dan lihat


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